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Charity Challenge

The Charity Challenge for 2019 is to The Great Wall of China

Welcome to the Grief Encounter Charity Challenge 2019! Over the last 4 years we raised over £100,000 and reached the amazing heights of Machu Picchu and beyond with teams of amazing fundraisers. Now we are inviting YOU to take part in an incredible, challenging, exhilarating and worthwhile adventure in China!

The Challenge

    • Test yourself against thousands of challenging steps
    • Triumph over the crumbling, twisting pathways of the Yan Mountains
    • Savour the timeless landscapes and time-weathered watchtowers
    • Enjoy the cultural highlights of China’s bustling capital city. Appropriately named one of the ‘New Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is a truly iconic location – perfect for a Charity Challenge.

Originally constructed to defend China against the nomadic tribes, the Great Wall Discovery is a thrilling challenge of twists, turns, ups and downs. Beginning four hours north of Beijing, this week-long challenge tackles a series of vigorous climbs totalling over 10,000 uneven steps. The trek will follow the winding path along the Yan Mountains to the Gubeikou Gateway and takes on the famous ‘heavenly staircase’. Exhaustion will quickly be replaced with wonder as you savour the sweeping views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

The challenge ends in the vast metropolis of Beijing, with time to explore the cultural highlights of China’s historic capital.

14 – 22nd September 2019

For more information on the trip, please click here.

So who’s up for a challenge? There are only 8 spaces available so please sign up asap if you are interested. Email, call 020 8371 8455.