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Dyan, I am so very sorry, I send my condolences to you and your famliy at this sad time. Although you are very sad and upset now, the time will come when you will remember with happiness, laughter and fondness your Mum. Remember the funny things which made you all laugh, the touching things she did for you, remember her with love.

Exmletery helpful article, please write more.

S. Selvarani. Mark My heartfelt Condolences and Deepest Sympathies to Mr. & Mrs. Radha and their Family mmeebrs.May the Good Lord Bless you and give you the Strength & Courage to bear this great lost of yourloving Son. May his soul rest in peace in the arms of the Almighty God.

I lost my dad on march 28 2007, and yes it does get beettr but there will still be days where you cry, but yes it will get beettr God bless

Someone sent me this when I lost my first husband …… and again when I lost my son ….Death is noitnhg at allI have only slipped away into the next roomI am I and you are youWhatever we were to each otherThat we are stillCall me by my old familiar nameSpeak to me in the easy way you always usedPut no difference into your toneWear no forced air of solemnity or sorrowLaugh as we always laughedAt the little jokes we always enjoyed togetherPlay, smile, think of me, pray for meLet my name be ever the household word that it always wasLet it be spoken without effortWithout the ghost of a shadow in itLife means all that it ever meantIt is the same as it ever wasThere is absolute unbroken continuityWhat is death but a negligible accident?Why should I be out of mindBecause I am out of sight?I am waiting for you for an intervalSomewhere very nearJust around the cornerAll is well.

Thank you for these words on writing about grief. I have been kepenig a journal for several years now, but before I started this I had already lost or thrown out the diaries I kept as a child. My sister died age 7 in 1980, so I would have liked to be able to look back on what I wrote as I was growing up. I recently decided to start writing a book about my journey through her death and my healing journey to the present and I found it hard going! It\\\’s still on my to do\\\’ list, although, having written only a few pages, has slipped off the top of the pile. If you have any tips for me, I\\\’d appreciate them!

Hi im Leon I am only 13 years old my Dad died on the 23rd of September when I found out that I wasn\\\’t going to see him any more my heart sank tears just pored from my eyes I wanted to just run away. But I had to think and tell my self that he is no longer suffering, as much as I LOVED HIM and how I don\\\’t wont him to leave , he is gone. and even sometimes I think that I was the reason that he died because he couldn\\\’t breath and even the slightest thing even a could would hurt him sometimes I think that I gave the cold but death its just apart of life…. I love him and he will always be in my heart.

I lost my mum when i was 8 years old to a heart attack, as i was so young i never really knew what was going on, my dad just told me she was an angel in heaven and that was that. I never really grieved for my mum until my Papas funeral which was when i was 13, then my dad passed away from cancer when i was 14 and i never grieved because the family i live with never liked my dad and i didnt like crying about him, or my mum because i hate making other people upset but when i turned 16/17 all that bottled up anger and grief caused me to become very depressed and I self harmed and tried committing suicide on 3 separate occasions, im much better on that aspect but it isnt getting any easier without them and im now 19 and struggling because i cant grieve to the people around me. Iwas thinking about going to a doctor or somewhere i can talk and cry and get it all out but i dont know where to start. any help would be great

Hi I\\\’m Amber-Rose
For the past couple of years my dad had been suffering with a brain tumour.with having his driving lisence took away meaning we couldn\\\’t do things.after a couple of years later he became worst every day with him eventually staying in a medical bed at home with nurses coming in everyday.We had to clean him feed him and basiclally care of him eveyday.Then as his breathing became worst he eventually had to be taken to a hospice.later that day he pasted away at 40. I miss him everyday