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in memory of

in memory of a loved one

Donating or fundraising in someone’s memory is a very special and meaningful way to remember them – honouring their life and helping others at the same time.

We’re always incredibly touched and grateful to receive these donations.

  • Light a candle on the Grief Encounter Memory Wall
  • Pledge a regular donation or make a one-off donation
  • Organise a collection at the funeral or memorial
  • Set up a fundraising tribute page with choosing Grief Encounter as your charity to support
  • Ask friends to join you on a sporting fundraising challenge
  • Come together with friends on key dates to keep special memories alive

Thank you for your special gift in memory of a loved one. We are aware that this is a particularly difficult and challenging time for everyone, especially those who have lost someone special.

Grief Encounter case-study-sarah

“My wife died of cancer in 2017, my daughter Sarah, aged 7 at the time, watched her suffer and then disappear from our lives, it wasn’t easy. Grief Encounter have been amazing, building up her confidence and helping her to find a way to live with her grief, while bringing back our smiley little girl again.”

David, Sarah’s Father