We have signed a petition that calls on the government to uncover the true scale of childhood bereavement. Currently, there is no official data, only estimations, on the number of bereaved children in the UK as this group of children and young people are not classified as ‘vulnerable’. The petition calls for the government to start recording official figures with a simple administrative change, such as by updating a UK death certificate to record if the deceased has dependents.

The lack of accessible data on childhood bereavement has made it difficult for charities and organisations to provide effective support for bereaved children and young people. We hope that the petition will lead to a better understanding of the scale of the issue and that more support and services will be made available to help bereaved children and young people.

You can help us by signing the petition below, and sharing with your friends, families and communities.

We are calling for all bereaved children in the UK to be counted and supported. We believe that no child should grieve alone, and that every child who experiences bereavement deserves access to the support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

You can lend your support and sign the petition here.