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Grief Encounter Grief Relief Kit


The Grief Relief Kit is filled to the brim with useful tools and activities for children and young people to help understand bereavement and adjust to the loss in a safe way.

Designed by child bereavement experts, the unique kit includes the award-winning Grief Encounter Workbook, a Forever Journal to capture memories, the charming Mr Good Grief puppet and comforter, and a Forever Puzzle to signify how life can feel like a broken puzzle after a bereavement, but you can put it back together again. The Kit also includes a Bad Time Rhymes poetry book, a specialist Sand Kit keepsake bottle, and our Thyme Seed Kit to see how time can make new life grow. There are also specially designed time-out cards which can be used at home or at school to let people know when you need a breather or time to talk. This is all housed within a white cardboard container that you can decorate and use as your very own memory box.

Nice things people have said about this kit:

“I want to thank you for having created such a brilliant resource. I have been trying to find the ways and means to help my girls through the loss of their dad for the last five months and I have now found it!” — Bereaved mum

“Thank you so much for the Grief Relief Kit. It’s brilliant!” — Bereaved dad

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