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Your donations help us to support thousands of new families in the UK through the trauma of losing a loved one. We make sure your gift to us is used wisely so that as much as possible goes directly to the young people and children in need of our services.

For every £1 you donate:

85p goes directly to supporting our families

8p supports the operations of the charity and provides events for bereaved young people

7p helps us raise awareness of the challenges facing those suffering from bereavement

Please consider Gift Aiding your donation and increasing the amount by 25% at no extra cost to you. To find out more about Gift Aid, click here.

How To Donate

Want to make a donation -

£25 as a goodwill gesture to help us continue our work
£50 to provide counselling sessions to a child
£100 to send a Grief Relief Kit to a family

  • By phone: 0208 371 8455 Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm
  • www.justgiving.com
  • PayPal – You can make a direct donation using this safe online system. If you have an eBay account, chances are you already have a PayPal account so this is a hassle-free donation method!
  • Post - Please make your cheques payable to Grief Encounter, and send to:  Grief Encounter Project
    The Lodge, 17 East End Road, London N3 3QE

Monthly Direct Debit

Regular donations are so valuable because they enable us to plan our services in the long term, secure in the knowledge that we can rely on the regular income. Direct Debit is the easiest and most cost effective way to support our work because it cuts down on paperwork and bank charges. This means that more of your donation goes towards helping bereaved children and their families.

How do I set it up?

Please download and fill in this simple form and send it back to us.

How can I be sure that you will debit the correct amount on the date agreed?

You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee which ensures that if any money is debited from your account in error, your bank guarantees to refund it. You have the right to cancel any Direct Debit at any time simply by informing us or writing to your bank.

Can I decide when you will receive my Direct Debit donations?

Yes, you can set the frequency as monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually.

Payroll Giving

If you earn a salary or if your pension is paid via PAYE, making a commitment to Grief Encounter doesn't get any simpler than this.

How does it work?

You can give directly from your pre-tax salary, so money that would normally go to the taxman goes to charity instead. You just decide how much you want to donate to Grief Encounter each month – it could be anything from a couple of pounds to hundreds or thousands! Then your donation comes out of your pay packet before the taxman touches it.

What are the benefits?

You benefit because you don’t pay any tax on the donations you make. This table shows how giving through your salary each month can really add up for Grief Encounter:
Employees pledge to Grief Encounter

Employees pledge to Grief Encounter Actual cost to a standard rate tax payer (20%) Actual cost to a higher rate tax payer (40%) Actual cost to a higher rate tax payer (50%)
£5 £4 £3 £2.50
£10 £8 £6 £5
£20 £16 £12 £10

How do I give?

Simply authorise your payroll department to deduct your donation. And because the deductions are made before tax, you get the tax relief straight away.

Donate In Memory

If you wish to donate in memory of a loved one, please get in touch with us at contact@griefencounter.org.uk and we will send you a special dedication certificate, in their name.

To Mark An Occasion

It’s easy to make your special occasion extra special by helping those that depend on Grief Encounter. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, memorials, dinner parties… whatever the occasion, you can do your bit to support us. By asking your guests and friends to make donations to Grief Encounter instead of gifts, you are assured that many struggling families will benefit from your generous decision. Recently, JustGiving has announced that over 6,500 couples have requested JustGiving donations in lieu of wedding presents, including comedian David Walliams.

Here’s how it works:

  • Call or email us, letting us know about your special occasion and how you want Grief Encounter to be part of it.
  • Your guests can send us donations by post or choose to donate online via PayPal. Another easy and efficient way is to set up a JustGiving page. Visit www.justgiving.com/griefencounter to find out more.
  • We will keep you up-to-date with how much you have raised and also thank your guests and friends for their generous support on your behalf.

Leave A Gift In Your Will

Leaving behind a donation to Grief Encounter, is giving a future to a struggling bereaved child or young person. So much can be achieved with only a small donation, and your legacy will live on with them.