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To protect Grief Encounter and our supporters, if you wish to raise money in aid of Grief Encounter you must comply with the following:

1) I will use my best endeavours to raise funds for Grief Encounter.

2) Only use lawful means to fundraise for Grief Encounter and will not do anything that harms or is likely to harm the charity’s reputation, particularly in my own social media communications or if contacted by the media.

3) Encourage and motivate people to support the charity but also respect their right to decline. I will not conduct my fundraising in a way that could be perceived to be overly intrusive.

4) Obtain and pay into Grief Encounter all monies raised within 30 days of my fundraising activity.

5) Seek approval from the charity before creating and using materials to advertise my fundraising in aid of Grief Encounter. I will ensure that these materials contain the phrase “fundraising in aid of Grief Encounter”.

6) Ensure that all materials with the Grief Encounter logo include the text ‘Registered charity in England and Wales (1175837)’

7) Not approach, nor offer financial incentives to any celebrity, public figure or performance artist (or their agents or management) to endorse or take part in my fundraising activity, event or initiative without seeking approval from Grief Encounter

8) I understand that Grief Encounter does not hold any responsibility for my fundraising activity and may terminate my right to raise funds at any time

I declare the information I have provided is true and understand and agree to the above.

Thank you for raising money in aid of Grief Encounter.

Your support makes our vital work possible.