For support, call
0808 802 0111
Weekdays 9:30am-3pm


A charity partnership can make a real difference to our work and the support we can offer to bereaved children and their families.
There are many ways you can get involved, either through becoming a Charity of the Year sponsor, holding fundraising events or volunteering for us on our helpline.

  • Make your business stand out as an ethical organisation with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Encourage your staff to build confidence and teamwork through bespoke training solutions
  • Raise funds for a charity that works for a cause that can impact everyone
  • Access advice, information and support that will help you care for bereaved employees and their families
  • Inform your clients of us and our work and show you are invested in the wellbeing of your own partnerships
  • We have a dynamic team of experienced trainers that will work closely with your organisations to ensure all training is tailored towards individual needs and preferences

Whether you are looking for advice and information, or to work with us and our commitment to improve society’s care of bereaved children and their families, we encourage you to contact us today.