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post 7 - in memory of

Being able to remember has helped Hansel and Gretel get through and they can finally share and shine a light, for their Mum, with their Dad. Their lullaby turns into a song of hope for the future – have a watch.

We may like to remember our lost loved ones somewhere peaceful like Arnos Vale.

We’re ending our trail at the highest point of Arnos Vale. How much sky can you see? How do you feel now you can see more light? You may wish to quietly whisper a message to the tree and remember someone special.

“Even in the darkness, you can always find some light.”

Thank you!

A huge thank you for coming on this journey with us and we hope you picked up some useful tips and tricks in how to manage difficult emotions, particularly when it may involve grief. If you would like to find out more about the organisations who collaborated on this trail, please find some useful links below:

Grief Encounter

Insane Root Theatre

Arnos Vale