Read about the extraordinary Wayne family, who tragically experienced the sudden death of their Daddy, Simon, whilst on a family holiday last year, and have been supported by Grief Encounter since. Nine year old Alexander is now fundraising for us by taking on a 5k challenge with his family next month, and has raised over £30,000 so far!

“I would like to raise money for Grief Encounter because they have been supporting me, my sister [Olivia] and my mum.” Although he had thought that that he “wouldn’t be too sad” after a few months, “I now realise that it’s not that easy. Therefore, I want to raise money so they can continue to support children like me.”

In an emotional interview with the JC, Mr Wayne’s widow Natalie said her son’s charitable efforts showed that “through utter devastation and sadness, there can be inspiration. Alexander is only nine and he set up something with a purpose. People can take a leaf out of his book.”

Read the full article in The JC or watch Alexander and his Mum be interviewed on Sky News