At Grief Encounter, we believe in the power of words, and use many different books and stories to give support to children and young people experiencing grief after the death of someone close.

It can be helpful for young people to read stories that feature characters ‘just like them’, so this Pride month, Grief Encounter Clinical Counselling Manager, Nicky, has handpicked a list of books she recommends for young, bereaved LGBTQ+ individuals.

“The Whispers” by Greg Howard: In this book, readers meet Riley, a young LGBTQ+ boy who is dealing with the recent death of his mother. While struggling with grief, Riley embarks on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, friendship, and healing.

The story explores themes of grief, acceptance, and the power of imagination.

“We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour: The story follows Marin, a college freshman who is grappling with the death of her grandfather. As Marin navigates her grief, the book also delves into her exploration of her own sexuality.

This story uses themes of grief, identity, and healing.

“Anger Is a Gift” by Mark Oshiro. This book tells the story of Moss, an LGBTQ+ teenager who is coping with the death of his father while facing discrimination at school. As Moss navigates his grief, he finds strength within himself and his community.

The book explores themes of grief, identity, resilience, and social justice.

“The Falling in Love Montage” by Ciara Smyth: This novel follows Saoirse, a young LGBTQ+ girl who is dealing with her mother’s early-onset dementia. As she navigates changing emotions, Saoirse realises that she cannot avoid the pain of grief forever.

The book explores themes of love, death, family, and self-discovery.

These books cover various themes such as death, grief, identity, and resilience, providing relatable narratives for LGBTQ+ children and young people experiencing grief. Remember, it’s essential to consider the individual’s age, maturity, and specific needs when selecting books about grief.