Grief will touch everyone and can be a challenging process to navigate, especially if you are facing unique experiences and circumstances. This Pride month, we have put together specific resources to support the LGBTQ+ community to ensure that everyone receives the right, tailored support for their own unique needs.

You can read the Grief Guide, Bereavement support for the LGBTQ+ Community, and an article, written by Grief Encounter CEO, Suzy Turner-Jones on grieving without prejudice.

Our helpline is open every weekday from 9am – 9pm, and our trained call handlers are available to listen, offer guidance, as well as answer practical questions about grief and bereavement support. You are not alone.

We know that the words we use are important. Everyone will have different preferences and we respect people’s right to choose their own words.

LGBTQ+ is a term we use to include people who are lesbian, gay, bi, trans and/or queer. The ‘plus’ is inclusive of people who may describe their sexual orientation or gender identity in a different way, including asexual or intersex.

When we talk about your partner, family and friends or special person we mean anyone who is important to you. This might be a partner, husband, wife, civil partner, birth family, family of choice, rainbow family and/or your friends.