Our dear friends, families, and those of you who have supported this year and over so many,

As we approach the festive season, it just seems right to take a moment, to reflect on the significance of this time for those children who are not just carried away with excitement but having to navigate a whole other range of emotions associated with of grief, and this year it feels like even more so, at this time of great tragedy and unrest in the world around us.

Grief knows no boundaries, no limits, and does not choose between young or old.  It affects us all at some point in time, and certainly does not pay attention to particular times of the year. For so many families, the festive season can be particularly challenging, filled with emotions associated with longing, distress or disbelief that may seem as far away from festive cheer as possible.

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or not a specific time of year for tradition, the holiday period creates a space for reflection, where individual loss and longing is shared by so many. Grief Encounter creates a safe space where any child, young person or family can find support. It is our relentless mission to provide help, support and a sense of community where personal connections are made with others who understand and make a difference to finding hope and healing.

So, this festive season, let’s reflect together, near, or far, on the year gone by as well as the year ahead. The compassion shared, the coming together and the strength of so many. With your continued support, we create a collective strength and commitment to be there for children, young people, and their families in their darkest moments, helping them grow to find hope and healing.

Thank you for being beside us, staying close and steadfast to making sure that no child grieves alone.  Here’s to welcoming a 2024 filled with hope, compassion, and commitment to be there when it’s needed most.

Wishing you all season’s greetings,

Suzy Turner Jones

CEO, Grief Encounter