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Grief Encounter’s Bespoke Training Workshops

Working with some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the UK, we understand that when a child’s parent or significant loved one dies, their lives change forever, however, there is often an expectation that they should return to school and just carry on as normal.

At Grief Encounter we aim to dispel grief myths and help others understand that the grieving process will not be over in a day, week, month or even a year.

Grief Encounter offers stand-alone, child focused, bespoke training workshops to provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support children and young people in pain and help them navigate their way out of the abyss of grief.

Our bespoke training will explore the psychological, emotional and behavioural impact of bereavement on children, young people and families; using problem-solving activities and utilising creative methods of working to explore and develop the skills necessary to help bereaved children and youngsters.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke training programme, please do not hesitate to contact our Training Coordinator, Laura, on 0208 371 8455 or via email

You can also download a form here.

Why bereavement training is important

In the UK, cases of bereaved children and young people are more frequent that many people think. The Child Bereavement Network estimates that a child will be bereaved every 22 minutes. In fact, a shocking 1 in 20 children or young adults will experience the loss of a parent or sibling, with 111 new child bereavements every day.

According to current figures*, 309,000 children of school age will experience a close bereavement in the UK. To put this into perspective, more youngsters will be bereaved than those living with HIV, suffering from strokes or heart attacks, and there are almost as many incidents of child bereavements as there are cancer diagnoses each year.

In light of the high incident rate of child bereavement, there is relatively little recognition and understanding of the devastating impact the death of a loved one can have on children and teenagers.

*Childhood Bereavement Network:

The impact of death

A third of bereaved children will experience significant difficulties following the death of a parent or sibling. Children and young people can often become detached and withdrawn; they are more likely to be excluded or leave school without any qualifications, have a serious mental illness, suffer with depression, drink and use drugs, experience financial difficulties and are even more likely to commit suicide.

When grief is bottled up it can have profound affect on emotional development and can create destructive behavioural patterns will not only persist, but grow, resulting in a real problem for the bereaved individual and society as a whole. Indeed, research has conclusively shown that a large number of young offenders are bereaved children.

Early intervention and appropriate support can help children and young people adjust and alleviate the pain caused by the death of someone close to them, potentially saving not only those children, but the health and welfare system millions of pounds in future intervention and care.

Types of Bespoke Training

  • Understanding bereavement in children
  • How families are impacted by bereavement
  • How to talk with students about death
  • Helping staff through a death at work / school

Bespoke Training Rates

Training Categories      Half Day      Full Day

Voluntary Sector            £400            £700

Schools                           £500            £800

Public Sector                  £700          £1,000

Private Sector                £900             £1,200

Your Grief Encounter bespoke training workshop will be tailor-made to meet the your needs of your organisation and ensure the best use of your funds and time with the most appropriate and effective training programme.