Our consultancy services are designed to help ensure your organisation is able to effectively support and train staff and stakeholders. Following discussion with your organisation, we will create a personalised training and support package that meets your individual needs.

We work with your organisation, to reflect your unique requirements, ensuring that bereaved colleagues, clients and customers are treated appropriately and compassionately with profoundly positive impacts for your workplace and reputation.

  • We co-design content with your organisation, to better reflect unique needs and preferences
  • We can create or review bereavement-related resources designed for your staff and customers
  • Compiling new, or reviewing existing relevant policy and procedure documents
  • Ad-hoc, or ongoing coaching, mentoring and support for staff interacting with bereaved people by email, phone and post
  • Developing toolkits to help ensure clients and customers are treated compassionately and professionally.
  • We can help develop internal training courses will positively impact your workplace and reputation as a considerate employer and client.

Daily consultancy fees range from £600 to £1500 per day (excluding VAT). A complete quotation will be supplied following initial discussions.

For more information about what we can offer your organisation please email us today.