Good Grief Training (Middlesex University Accredited Course, 8 modules over 6 months)

Good Grief Training is open to anyone who works with children and young people, who has a desire to further their skills and knowledge in supporting them and their families. The training provides:

  • We help develop in-depth specialist knowledge of the emotional and physical response to bereavement
  • We help build the skills and confidence required to support bereaved individuals
  • The programme has a strong experiential focus and participants will participate in practical group exercises alongside their theoretical learning
  • A direct and integrated understanding of the methods and methodologies which together constitute a practical, effective and therapeutic approach to bereavement
  • In-depth specialist knowledge and guidance to help professionals understand the emotional and physical responses a child might experience in grief
  • Gain an integrated understanding of practical and therapeutic approaches to bereavement
  • Learn how to work with complex grief, including how to support clients bereaved by suicide
  • Gain deeper insight into structuring an ongoing supportive relationship with a bereaved person

Full programme with Middlesex University Accreditation: £1200

Full programme without Middlesex University Accreditation: £900

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