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Our Services

Each family’s needs are individual, and change over time. Our level of support is varied, with services ranging from a supportive voice at the end of a phone, group activities with likeminded families at Fundays, Grief Groups and Remembrance Days, to long term one-to-one counselling.

Our approach is always bespoke, with professional counsellors, trained in the area of bereavement, determining a personal plan for each individual. A typical way of getting to know our families might look like this:

  1. Initial contact with family members, usually by telephone, where a qualified Grief Encounter Clinical Team member will offer preliminary information and advice.
  2. Ongoing communication with the family members to gather more information, followed by registration into our Family Programme. If we feel another service at this stage would be more appropriate, we will suggest alternate routes such as CAMHS, educational psychologists, learning mentors, social care or psychiatric services.
  3. One of our qualified and professional Grief Encounter Clinical Team members will carry out a family visit, for assessment to determine what level of support is required; whether that is to meet with other likeminded bereaved families, one-to-one counselling, attendance on Residential Camps or our unique e-counselling model.
  4. Ongoing support is our main concern, ensuring that we offer long term help to our families. We will carry on working with our families and encourage them to attend Grief Groups as part of our family programme, assessing milestones and working with them towards new and more resilient beginnings.

The Grief Encounter Helpline

Our helpline currently supports over 3,000 people annually, and is staffed by trained professionals to support bereaved children or families with advice and guidance. Call us during office hours Monday to Friday to book an appointment.
We also offer a dedicated e-mail support service, answered by a qualified advisor, if those who are in need of support are unable to make a call. Advice, support and information are only a click away.

You can drop us a line at: