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The Coronovirus pandemic has resulted in an increased need for bereavement support amongst children and young people.

Grief Encounter covid-19

Bereavement during this time can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation – especially if the death was sudden and unexpected.

  • Children and young people will be affected by Covid-19 and associated changes to lifestyle
  • There may be feelings of anger and guilt – especially if someone could not say goodbye
  • There may be feelings of blame
  • Restrictions on funerals and attendance can result in a lack of closure
  • Talking about death can be difficult for those with existing mental health conditions
  • It may be more difficult to establish and maintain a routine
  • The easing of lockdown and resumption of some personal freedoms may cause feelings of excitement not understood by those bereaved
  • Many individuals working in front-line roles will have been exposed to very distressing scenes

We know that reaching out for support can be daunting. We will offer support, when the time is right, to help make sense of the complex emotions following the death of a loved one.

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We need your help more than ever this year, to ensure we are able to continue offering support to even more bereaved children and young people, who need us through these challenging times.