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Immediate support

At Grief Encounter we know people’s needs differ so we offer a range of support services so you can find what feels right for you at the time.

  • We support you with counselling, workshops, retreats and family events
  • Our grieftalk helpline is here 9am-9pm Monday to Friday to talk to you
  • Our selection of Grief Guides offer advice and support

If you cannot find what you need in these pages, please call the grieftalk helpline on 0808 802 0111 where our advisors will be able to help you. 

For counselling and other programmes we offer for bereaved families, please email us.

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“I don’t think I would be smiling today if it wasn’t for Grief Encounter. My mum died suddenly when I was 12 and we never got to say goodbye. Several months later, my grandmother insisted I attend a Grief Encounter workshop – against my wishes. I never looked back, after several one-to-one couselling sessions and attending many other workshops, my life opened up and here I am today!”

Sabina, Enfield London



Children who experience parental death are at an increased risk of a criminal conviction


The percentage of children who do not talk to peers or teachers, following the death of a parent or sibling
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The number of children in the UK bereaved of a parent, the equivalent of 120 a day