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Community Fundraising

Fundraising together is a way to show support for your preferred charity, raise vital funds, and have fun whilst doing it! From selling cupcakes, to dunking your boss in a bath of baked beans, if you’re planning an event, let us know about it and we’ll do our best to help.

  • How to get started:
  1. Decide the theme of the event, and work out a date and timetable
  2. Set a target amount to raise
  3. If necessary, plan a budget
  4. Promote your event through friends,family and social media
  5. Get friends and family involved!

Need some inspiration?


  • Have a clear out – spring clean your wardrobe and make some money for us at the same lifes boutiquetime! Visit to sell your old things. Check out the brilliant Life’s Boutique who sell designer clothing and accessories on eBay where part of the proceeds go to Grief Encounter. Alternatively sell unwanted things at a car boot sale
  • Ask your friends to donate to Grief Encounter for your next party/event/celebration instead of giving presents
  • Sell our Grief Encounter Forever Bracelets for £5 each. Wear a silver heart or circle on your wrist every day and keep your loved ones close
  • Christmas wrapping service – offer your gift wrapping skills to family and friends for a small fee – a sure way to earn us some cash during the difficult festive period
  • Challenge yourself to do something you have always wanted to do: lose weight, run an event…and get them to sponsor you. Maybe take part/organise a big “Fun Run” near you
  • Plan a posh dinner party, or a relaxed BBQ, and ask your friends to make a donation to a cause of your choice
  • Casual Friday: ask your team at work to donate £1 for Dress Down At Work day. If you work for an organisation, don’t forget to ask your employer if they operate ‘matched giving’, so any cash you raise will be doubled.
  • Organise a charity football match either for children or adults or a golf day is always popular
  • Walk a Mile of Memories – a sponsored walk in memory of a loved one. You can do this either on your own or organise for a group of friends to do it with you