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Grief Enounter Choir


The Grief Encounter choir brings children together in a relaxed, fun environment. No experience is required and you can share thoughts about your favorite music and songs. You may also enjoy writing a song to share with others!

  • Learn to sing alongside others with the help of our trained therapists, singers and musicians
  • Share thoughts about your favorite songs and music
  • Build confidence and make new connections with others
  • Learn how to express your thoughts and emotions through new mediums
  • Join others and sing at a range of exciting activities and venues
  • Learn about different types of music and songs

Singing is known to improve feelings of happiness and well-being. The Grief Encounter Children’s choir can help you have fun, share experiences, build confidence and express yourself and your feelings following bereavement.

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The Grief Encounter Family Programme

fun day

Meet with other bereaved individuals through a series of fun, organised events, activities and peer support


Following bereavement, you may want to meet and talk with other, like-minded people whom would like support


we offer families an opportunity to join us on a funded retreat and meet with other bereaved individuals