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Grief Encounter fun Days

fun days

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are normal following bereavement. You might find it difficult to find others whom have experienced a close bereavement.

  • Meet with other bereaved individuals through a series of fun, organised events
  • Join a variety of outings to suit a wide range of interests and preferences
  • Events are fully-funded (wherever possible)
  • Find self-help and peer support – a service that you can turn to in addition to other support services
  • Help others whom would like to meet other, like-minded people
  • Already have a passion or hobby? Suggest an activity that others may want to join or learn more about

We recognise the benefit and importance of peer-support. In addition to other support services, our fun days offer you a chance to meet other bereaved individuals and children.

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we offer families an opportunity to join us on a funded retreat and meet with other bereaved individuals

The Choir

The Grief Encounter choir brings children together in a relaxed, fun environment and experience is required


Following bereavement, you may want to meet and talk with other, like-minded people whom would like support