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Contact Call The Helpline 020 8371 8455
Grenfell Trauma

November 2017:

Together with your help we raised an incredible £92,754 for our Grenfell Appeal, supporting the children directly affected by the tragedy.

Our focus continues to be working closely with the families, providing regular counselling to those in need. We will also be delivering Remembrance Workshops and a therapeutic Winter Camp over the festive break.

Thank you for helping us support these children and allowing the emotional healing to begin.


September 2017:

On Thursday 7th September we launched our Grenfell Appeal, following the success of our Community Project. We now need to raise £100,000 by the end of October to ensure we can continue helping all the families who require our essential trauma support.

Our two week project, in partnership with the Good Grief Trust and Jake Walker Music, was run by our therapists qualified in grief and trauma. These services supported approximately 220 children and families, allowing them to explore and discuss their emotions in a safe space, who had been directly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Here is one mother’s feedback when asked how her son felt after the sessions: “Focused, wanting to return and excited about returning (to) the next session. He really enjoyed it and allowed him to come out of his shell”

If you are able to donate money to this vital work, please visit PayPal to give whatever you can.



Sarah’s Story:

Sarah lives with her parents and siblings in a block adjacent to Grenfell. At only eleven years old, Sarah has bravely agreed to speak to us if only to demonstrate the scope of those affected by the events of the 14th June.

More than ten weeks on from that terrible day, Sarah and her family have now moved back into their home.

Their 11th floor living room window faces the charred remains of Grenfell and provides a daily reminder of this tragedy (pictured). It is no secret that there are still people unaccounted for who may still be in the Tower. This is bound to have a detrimental effect on anyone’s wellbeing, let alone an eleven year old child. Her mother has made the decision to rearrange the family’s furniture to face away from the windows and the view has now been covered with a bed sheet. However, this is not a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. During adverse weather conditions, the family are once again evacuated as the shell of Grenfell visibly sways in the wind.

Burnt debris regularly blows its way into the family’s home through open windows, which also exasperates the decaying burning smell radiating from the Tower. Sarah experiences regular night terrors and is still too scared to use the stairs in her block, as she is able to recall the accounts of those trapped in the stairwell during the fire. As families attempt to bring some normality back into their childr

en’s lives, they are confronted by a sea of flowers, stuffed toys and messages left in the surrounding streets. Her school is situated just a few streets away from Grenfell. A high achieving student, she is finding it difficult to concentrate on her school work and her grades are suffering.