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Mother’s Day

Our helpline is staffed remotely from 9am – 9pm today, so you don’t have to suffer alone this Mother’s Day. We’re here to listen, now. Call us free on 0808 802 0111 or click the chat now tab on the top right of this page for an instant, confidential web chat.

“You can still celebrate Mother’s Day even if your mother has died. You still have a mother, she’s just not here.” Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE, Founder, Grief Encounter

Here are some tips from Grief Encounter on supporting bereaved children through Mother’s Day:

  • Provide a supporting ear, and remind children you are there for them, but also that you understand if they don’t want to talk. Explain that you know this must be a difficult time for them, but that if they want to talk you are there for them whenever they feel ready.
  • Remember the day. Ask them if they would like to make a card for their mother and perhaps include a letter inside which can help them express their feelings.
  • Encourage siblings and family members to support each other. Ask siblings to support one another and look out for one another during this time. Perhaps they may want to do something together to remember their mum such as look through photos, make a memory box or light a candle.
  • Remember that children grieve at different stages. Understand this is normal and perhaps mark the occasion on a day that feels less pressured.
  • Self-care for families and friends. It can be tempting to place all of the focus on the child who is grieving, but if you were close to the person too – perhaps they were your spouse, partner, or child – then make some time for yourself to reflect and get support if needed. This will allow you to better support the child.
  • Seek support. Professional bereavement counselling as an early intervention in the grieving process can be hugely beneficial along the grief journey. Seek local or national support from a bereavement charity such as Grief Encounter, who have a national support helpline on 0808 802 0111, or speak to your GP or health care professional.