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July 2017

Grief Encounter Grenfell Tower

We are embarking on a summer community project, in collaboration with Jake Walker Music, The Good Grief Trust and the Playground Theatre, to help around 100 children who have been directly affected by the tragic events of Grenfell Tower. These children have witnessed the most horrific, unimaginable events and we are undertaking a long term commitment to offering bereavement and grief services to them.

We are also part of the newly formed APPG group, in collaboration with the Good Grief Trust, and will begin this work in September 2017.

Grief Encounter Grenfell Tower Appeal

We have launched the Grief Encounter Grenfell Tower Appeal, directly supporting the delivery of our bereavement services to those affected. Donations of money and goods to the victims have been overwhelming, thus we only wish to offer direct services to the local schools, community centres and families, offering 1-1 counselling, workshops and more. As a free service, we have already begun our work with the teams at Grenfell, however we are aware that this will be a long term project, offering support to those involved for as long as they need it. Due to this, we ask that you would be able to donate to us, and our Grenfell Tower fund, so that we are able to continue to offer our much needed services.

You can donate to our Grenfell Tower Fund here. We need support to be able to offer our clinical team on site at local schools and community centres, holding 1-1 counselling and workshops for those affected. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help!