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Chocolate Chipped – A Smelly Book About Grief (Scratch & Sniff), Shelley Gilbert


Chocolate Chipped tells the unique story of a young boy named Charlie and his grieving over his Dad’s death. Using real smells and Scratch & Sniff in the pages to help evoke memories, this book explores the sensitive subject of grief in an honest, engaging – and sometimes even humorous – way. Chocolate Chipped can help adults to talk openly to children about the loss of a loved one.

It can be read by bereaved children to help them understand their own feelings and also by other children to help them appreciate what a friend might be going through. Teachers, educational specialists as well as Bereavement Counsellors would also gain from using this book.

Nice things people have said about the book on Amazon:

“As a parent it must be the hardest thing in the whole world to talk to your children about grief and how they are feeling. This wonderful book combines beautiful illustrations along with a very moving story to engage your child or children into talking about their feelings. How the authors and illustrators of this book manage to do this and incorporate amazing smells is absolutely incredible and it encourages the children to open up, talk and remember. This book should be in every library and every school instead of what is in there now. Perfect.”

“I absolutely love this book! Knowing how hard it is to talk to a child about the “passing” of a loved one, this book will certainly help not only with understanding, but also with engaging with the subject. The really smelly pages are fun to explore and are a good way to connect with the storyline of little Charlie. An important book for growing up and grown-ups.”

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Written by Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE and Vicky Baruche

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