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The Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre for Children

Bristol based charity, The Rainbow Centre for Children, has partnered with Grief Encounter.

The Rainbow Centre for Children has been providing bereavement therapy and support to children and their families in Bristol and Bath for the last 30 years, and as a result of the partnership, will be able to increase support services offered, whilst servicing a greater area.

Whilst The Rainbow Centre are currently only able to support 2% of bereaved children in their local area, working with Grief Encounter means that professional and innovative support will be available to more children, and their families, in their local area.
Jonathan Phillips, Co-Chair of Trustees at The Rainbow Centre for Children said: “After lengthy evaluation of our services, we have been exploring how best to develop our offering to children who have lost a parent. We felt joining forces with an established charity meant families in Bristol would have access to the best possible support in the future. Grief Encounter represents our original vision, so we’re confident the service offering will thrive and grow in the local area.”
The Grief Encounter at The Rainbow Centre programme will include one to one counselling and family days.
Grief Encounter is proud to be working with The Rainbow Centre for Children, increasing our nationwide reach and ensuring that the needs of bereaved children and young people will be met. Together, our main priority is to develop the services already offered in Bristol, accessing more families and giving more children and young people opportunities to grieve positively; supported by our team of professional counsellors. We will retain the reputation and environment already built by The Rainbow Centre, whilst bringing in our unique services and programmes.” Comments Richard Fogelman, CEO, Grief Encounter.
Jonathan adds: “‘Grief Encounter at The Rainbow Centre’ will continue to be based in Knowle. Service users will see very little difference, however there will be positive changes in the range of help that families will have access to. Anyone who has made a donation or fundraised for us can also be assured that their money will continue to be used to provide therapy to bereaved families as it was intended.”

About The Rainbow Centre

Situated in a quiet residential area of Bristol, The Rainbow Centre provides a haven of peace for children and their families suffering from the effects of a life threatening illness or death in the family.

The Rainbow Centre for Children provides free and professional support to children and their families affected by life threatening illness and bereavement. 

They offer art and music therapy, counselling, support and information.  If you would like to find out more about the services they offer please visit their website.