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Grief Encounter X Sara Miller London Launches for Mother’s Day 2020

Award-winning British designer Sara Miller donates 100% profits from new collection to support bereaved children in the UK

This Mother’s Day, Sara Miller London will be supporting Grief Encounter, with the launch of the Hummingbird Jewellery Collection, of which 100% of profits will be donated when purchased online between 24th February – 31st March 2020.

Sara explains. “Grief Encounter represent such a worthwhile cause and I am so proud to be supporting them. The Hummingbird and Moon design felt symbolic for this collection – featuring a delicate hummingbird with fluttering movement protected by a crescent moon.” Presented in a beautiful gift box, the designs will make the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, for both those who are with us and those who are lovingly remembered.

“Huge thanks to Sara Miller for collaborating with us on this very special collection. The importance of remembering our lost loved ones, and marking occasions to reflect on their life is vital in the grieving process.” says Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE, founder of Grief Encounter, “You can still celebrate Mother’s Day even if your mother has died. You still have a mother, she’s just not here.”

Here are some further tips from Grief Encounter on navigating Mother’s Day this year.

  • Make sure you put yourself first, do what you want to do. There is no set time for grief, there are no ‘normal’ patterns for mourning, everyone is individual and moves at their own pace through their grief journey. Don’t be hard on yourself or put pressure to feel a certain way, or make others believe you are ‘ok’.
  • It’s okay to be sad, angry, scared or to shed a tear, remember it’s also okay to enjoy things. Mother’s Day might be a happy occasion to remember, and bring you comfort, so it’s ok to be happy.
  • Remember to write a Mother’s Day card, sharing your feelings. Even though your mum might not be here anymore, you can still mark the occasion with a card which you take to the cemetery or just store away in a memory box. This is quite a cathartic way to get your feelings out.
  • Allow as many rituals or ceremonies that you need. Remembering is so important, and anything you want to do to remember your mum is worthwhile.
  • Make beautiful memories, do something special with your family and friends so you are not alone.
  • Seek professional help if you feel you need support on emotional days such as these. The grieftalk helpline is open for Mother’s Day, 9am – 9pm, offering free, confidential support from qualified bereavement therapists. If you don’t feel ready to talk on the phone, we also offer a confidential Web Chat service online at www.griefencounter.org.uk offering free professional support weekdays 9am-9pm.

www.saramiller.london. Prices range from £30-65.This campaign is exclusively online.