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Grief Encounter Virtual Coffee Morning

Thank you for your interest in coming together, across the country, on Monday 4th May at 10.30am with your family and friends and host a Virtual Coffee Morning in aid of Grief Encounter.

Before Covid-19, meeting friends, family and colleagues for coffee and cake was a great way to catch up, cheer up and celebrate. However, during times of lockdown and social distancing, connecting in person isn’t an option. Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype are our new ways to reach out to those we love, which is why we think hosting a virtual coffee morning will tick all the boxes, without crossing any lines!

In these challenging times for bereaved children, young people and UK charities, your support is greatly appreciated. By helping us raise vital funds, you will enable us to reach and help even more families struggling with the trauma of grief, and those bereaved suddenly and traumatically as a result of Coronavirus.


Download your fundraising guide here: Virtual Coffee Morning Guide


Below are a few fundraising ideas to help you raise funds at your coffee morning:

Go Purple – Purple is the colour of Grief Encounter, so dig out some purple napkins, wear a purple top or make some purple bunting and ask everyone to donate in support of your efforts.

Bake Off! competition – Forget taste, we’re all about style, so use a cool cookie cutter on your Carrot Cake, or arrange a Tipsy Tower of Treacle Tarts and have a vote on the best-looking plate! The host might even have a ‘virtual’ prize for the winner…

Promoting your Coffee Morning – Whilst you aren’t able to physically give your invitations to friends, share our coffee morning post onto your WhatsApp groups, Social Media pages/feeds or attach to emails to let everyone know about your event. Don’t forget to add:

  • what platform you will be using to host your event and how to join, so a link to an online meeting or an email address to sign in
  • information about Grief Encounter
  • how your guests can make a donation if they are unable to attend (Text LOSS to 70660)

Platforms you could use to ‘live stream’ your event include:

  • Zoom – platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars
  • Youtube Live, Facebook Live, IGTV
  • Houseparty – group video chat – maximum 8 guests
  • Google hangout – private video & voice chat for up to 10 people
  • WhatsApp – maximum 4 guests

Reasons why hosting a virtual coffee morning for grief encounter is a fabulous idea:

  • What mess? You don’t have to make sure your house is clean. Just clean the square that they will see you in and shove everything else out of the picture. Win!
  • Pyjama Party! You don’t have to get all dressed up for the occasion. In a virtual co ee morning you can sit in your PJs if you so wish…. So long as they are purple of course! Win!
  • Distance doesn’t matter! Connect with all of your friends, near and far – they could be on the other side of the world, they could be in the next town, but this morning they’re in your house! Win!
  • Connecting… A Virtual Coffee Morning is a great way of raising money for Grief Encounter whilst seeing friends and loved ones up close and spreading some smiles. All you have to do is share a hashtag #coffeeandconnect, make a donation and have a natter. Win!

Why would you host a morning?

1 child in every classroom will experience the death of a parent or sibling in the UK. That’s one child every 22 minutes.

Bereavement is devastating at any age, but for a child or young person, the effects can be life changing. Grief Encounter exist to alleviate the pain, trauma and isolation grief so often brings, offering free and unique specialist bereavement services to children, young people and their families.

At this time, our helpline, grieftalk, is receiving a huge uplift in calls, not only from family members who have lost someone close, but those who need advice on how to talk to families about Coronavirus, and frontline key workers, such as NHS staff and social care workers, who are being so widely impacted by the amount of death they are witnessing.

A gift of just £26 could enable us to provide initial support, via our helpline to someone who is coping with the daily pressures of grief during this pandemic. It is imperative that we can continue to o er immediate therapeutic support online throughout this time, helping those who so desperately need us.



For any further information or advice please contact our fundraising team by emailing events@griefencounter.org.uk or visit http://www.griefencounter.org.uk/virtualcoffeemorning